Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Part 2: Soccer and country fun!

Dylan had his very first soccer game on Saturday. We had to go cheer him on. Addie kept say "GO Dylan!", "Go DeeDee!" (she calls him that). The game was so funny to watch! I hope Addie wants to play soccer because it is a MUST with my family! :)

Addie and Dawson enjoyed the snacks the most

Look at this kid! He is so grown up!

On Saturday afternoon we went over to Jeremy's dad's and stepmom's house. Annette's birthday was this past weekend and John wanted a good excuse to smoke/barbeque lots of meat!

Annette bought a little "Gator" for Addie and Layton. Too funny!

Feeding the cows apples. Addie was a little hesitant (who can blame her, they are big!) but she ended up feeding one of the cows.

And this is afterward. I guess the cow's mouth was on Addie's hand and she did not like it! Can you tell? :)

Riding the big Gator...they have lots of toys

Riding in the sunset

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