Thursday, March 15, 2012

Addie turns 4

It's hard to believe Addison Grace is four!  I'll update more later with info on Addie's personality, what she is into these days and her stats.  We had a fun time celebrating her birthday.  Her birthday was on a Saturday so we celebrated her birthday at daycare on Friday.  I walked into the room and could tell in her eyes that she just didn't look like she was feeling too well. One of her teachers said she had been real low-key most of the day (more to come soon...but she is NOT low-key) and she wasn't bouncing off of the walls when all of the attention was on her for her birthday.   After singing and then brownies I took her temperature and she ended up having a fever.  Poor thing! We took her home and rented "Puss in Boots".  The next morning she woke up without a fever, but still wasn't 100% all weekend.  She didn't have much of an appetite and broke out in hives a few times throughout the day.  She was a trooper and rallied by the time we had family over for a get-together/party.

Putting on a good face despite not feeling well...

Getting ready to sing.  I can tell here that she isn't feeling too well.

Still managed to act silly.

Saturday morning, her birthday, she got to unwrap her present from us...a small dollhouse. 

Getting ready for weekly ballet.

Layton called to sing "Happy Birthday"

Showing off that she is 4

I attempted cake pops for dessert at her party.  They were a lot of work, but they tasted good (red velvet cake with chocolate coating).  I tried sticking them in this Styrofoam, but it ended up looking like a tornado had come through them because they were top-heavy and wouldn't stand up straight.  Oh well, I tried.

A pillow fight in Addie's bedroom...

Birthday girl in a tiara that Honey bought

Cousins playing...had to snap this picture of Layton at the vanity putting on lip gloss.  Ha!

Showing off a new Tangled doll

Addie decorated her cake. :)

She looks so big here!

Dessert time!

Abigail eating her cake pop.

More to come (well I hope sooner rather than later)...

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