Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mommy and Me Tea

To celebrate Addie's birthday and reward her for a good check-up with the doctor I took her to a "Mommy and Me Tea".  I bought a Living Social deal at a party place and didn't quite know what to expect.  It was perfect!  It was the best date with a 4-year-old girl!  It ended up being the two of us with two other moms and girls Addie's age.

We first started with dress-up.  She could pick shoes and a dress.

And then make-up...a little's girl dream here.  She loved putting the make-up on me.

Then doing each other's hair...

So proud!

Next came doing each other's nails (didn't get pictures of that) and then on to jewelry...

After that we went upstairs and made our own bracelets.  We then went into the sun room for a tea party.  We had our own table with china (I was a little nervous, but it didn't look too expensive), tea, sugar, milk, little sandwiches and cookies.

About 12 sugar cubes and a few tablespoons of milk later...

One of the few times she actually tasted it.

Cute sandwiches (turkey & cheese butterflies and jelly hearts) and cookies...

At the tea...mommies wear the boas apparently...

Addison's bracelet she made...

We then went back to the dress-up area again to play a bit and walk the runway (Ha!).  Addie showing off her dress.

So sweet!

Costume change #2...I think looking a little like Dorothy here.

Now that we have two children I think it is important to spend one-on-one time with each of them.  Addie is full of life (so much so that she gets in trouble sometimes) so it was nice to just spend an evening out when she was on her best behavior.  It was an evening I hope I don't forget and so glad I got some images to remember that night by!

P.S.  For those in the Louisville area, the place is called QiQi's Parties and it is located in an old home in J-town.  I highly recommend it! 

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