Monday, March 5, 2012

French Lick family weekend

In early February we had a wonderful family weekend with my parents and my brother's family in French Lick, IN. My mom has wanted to take us there for a while and we finally found a Friday night that worked for all of us.  We stayed at the Big Splash Waterpark hotel.  We headed up on Friday evening (of course Addie got car sick on the way up...we're hoping she'll out grow this one day) and arrived around 7:00. We got to play for a couple of hours and then put the kids to bed.  We shared a suite with David, Carrie and the boys.  Kate had a fever that day and evening, but did pretty well despite not feeling the best.  My mom stayed with the kids so David, Carrie, Jeremy and I could go out that evening.  We went to the West Baden hotel for a drink and it was gorgeous!  It would be the perfect weekend getaway place.  We then headed over to the French Lick casino.  Jeremy and I aren't big casino people, but it was worth seeing for a bit.  On Saturday we spent the morning and afternoon in the water park.  It was a blast!  Jeremy and I had fun on the big slides and had fun playing in the water with the family.  It was hard to take a lot of pictures because I didn't want my camera to get wet.  Thanks to my mom and dad for a wonderful family get-together!

Kate really liked the baby pool.  I didn't have a bathing suit for her, but I don't think she minded much. :)

Addie before she jumped in the pool about 50 times. :)  I was happy to see that they had life jackets there.  Addie does pretty well in water, but having the life jacket on made me a lot more relaxed with her around the water.

Dawson and Carrie going down a slide.

Dylan LOVED this slide!

Grammy and Kate...sorry, mom, I can take the picture down if you want, but I like it. :)  Kate is a little baby, but you can tell she still has rolls to her.  Ha!

Grandpa and Kate

Kate playing in the baby pool.

Dippin' Dots with Grandpa

We had a busy February so I have a lot I hope to update on here soon since it is now the girls' babybook, scrapbook, etc. I want to try to keep up with it for them/our family.  On a different note, I am sure you have heard about the storms and tornadoes that the Midwest and South on Friday.  It was a very scary day for all of us.  It is so sad to hear of people losing their lives, their houses, their belongings and more.  It breaks my heart.  Please join me in praying for the families of the victims, the town of Henryville, IN (Randy's son-in-law has family there), the town of West Liberty, KY (I was only about 20 minutes away from that town the evening of the tornadoes) and everyone else affected by the storms.  May they find God's peace during this difficult time.

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