Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey, Hey, DG...ain't it great to be! :)

For 6 months now we have been looking forward to a weekend in Indy with some of my sorority sisters along with their spouses. We were excited when the time had come. Friends from Texas, Chicago, North Carolina, New England, and Evansville (and us from KY and the locals in Indy) all got together for a great reunion weekend. I love these beautiful women and am so happy to still have them in my life! They are all such wonderful people and I wish I could see them more often. 

We stayed with Brad and Tara.  Brady was very excited to see Kate.  He loves babies and played with her all weekend long.  I love this photo.

On Saturday afternoon the kiddos stayed at the house while we went to a Butler basketball game, walked around campus, visited the bookstore, toured the DG house and went to dinner in Broad Ripple.  It was an awesome day!

Although Butler didn't make the tournament I am still so proud to be a Butler Bulldog!  It was great to see Hinkle sold out.  It has changed a lot since I went to BU.

Wrong setting, but cute pic...

Great photo of two lovely ladies...Erin and Ann Marie. (Ann Marie was the one who came up with the idea last fall and helped plan it all.  Thanks, Ann!)

The crew at the end of the game...

Kristine and I in front of the bulldog outside of Atherton Union...

Ashley and Hannah...

The Delta Gamma house had a major renovation and remodel recently.  It was great to see all of the changes to the house.  Before this most all of the guys headed to Baxbeaux's Pizza to "save tables" aka avoid the DG reminiscing. Ha! 

Dinner at Bazbeaux's Pizza.  I miss that place!  Ann Marie and Tara (she was such a trooper that weekend even though she was 9 months pregnant...she's have a baby on Friday!!!)

I told the guys to pose for a picture and this is what I got!  Ha!  The newest guy to the group, Bryan (Ann Marie's husband), was the only one that cooperated.  :)

They joke with us all the time about being sorority sisters, but they wouldn't be such great friends if it wasn't for us! :)

Brad (hey Brad, how about them ISU trees?!), Bryan C. and Brandon

Bryan, Jeremy and Chris

On Sunday Tara hosted a brunch at her house...homemade cinnamon rolls and all!  Jeremy requested them because they are amazing!  And yes, as a reminder, she did this all very pregnant!

Brady and Addie licking icing...

I FINALLY got to meet Brooke and Brandon's little guy, Asher.  I love his grin!

Ashley and Erin Riley...Riley couldn't join us on Saturday, but came on Sunday.  She's getting married in April!

Asher and Kate meeting each other.  They are about 2 months apart.


Our annual kid photo, but with way more kids in the picture this time.  They are such cute, sweet kids!

The two little ones playing...

Garrett and Brady playing with an ipad...

I know Erin HATED this moment!  :)  Instead of me putting Kate down for a nap Erin just let her sleep on her chest.  So sweet.

Thanks again to Tara and Brad for letting us invade their house.  I almost cried when I got home that weekend because I love these girls so much and I hate that we don't see each other often.  It just makes it that much better when we do get together.  It was a great weekend!  When is the next one? :)

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