Friday, August 17, 2012

Early summer catch up

I haven't been good about the blog over the past few months (mostly because I am busiest at work in the summer) so I thought I would so a few posts to catch up on some pics.

Addie took ballet at the Louisville Ballet School from January until May.  We may not do it this fall, but may start it back up at the beginning of the year.  Addie really liked her dance class.  And she will be the first to correct you and say, "No, it's called Creative Movement." She is starting soccer next week.  

We hung out with David and the fam over Memorial Weekend. We celebrated Dylan's 6th birthday (so hard to believe) and then had a water fight outside.

Love this picture of the cousins wrestling!

Kate did not hesitate to crawl her way into the sprinklers!

I love the lighting in this picture.

On Memorial Day my parents came in town and we went swimming at David's neighborhood pool.

Ok, she'll hate me for this later and I probably shouldn't have posted this BUT I had to take a picture of Kate's legs and butt.  The girl has always had some thighs on her.  They stick out on the sides!  Love it!  Everyone says she is petite, but this picture shows she still packs it on. :)

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