Friday, August 3, 2012

Kate's 1st Birthday Party

We can not believe our sweet Kate Ellen turned one last Thursday, July 26th!  I will do another post soon with her stats and info, but I first wanted to post her birthday party.

We had the party last Saturday at the Beckley Station Creekside Sprayground at the Parklands.  It is a newer playground and spray park in town.  Since there were about a dozen kids we thought it would be better to do something outside and fun for the kiddos.  Of course I was nervous about the weather in advance, but it ended up being a beautiful day!  The kids had a blast, especially Kate.  After eating almost her entire cake, she played in the water, ate more food, "helped" open presents and was so content the entire time.  It was a fun day and we are so thankful so many friends and family came out to celebrate our sweet girl.

Enjoy the pics and videos.  Warning: picture overload!  Lots to document.  I did the pics smaller so the post wasn't as long. (Thanks to Kelly for being the official photographer of the day.) 

I did a monkey theme.  It is very appropriate because Kate is all over the place these days and tries to climb on everything!  Aren't these so cute?  I have never really purchased cupcakes and a smash cake like this, but it was worth it.  Adorable!  I do wish I would have done chocolate, but she didn't mind. :)

Kelly, Jenny and I had wine and craft night Thursday night (don't make was a blast!  AND Jeremy had lots of fun too but he won't admit it).  I made this banner.  It turned out great!

We also turned an old birthday hat I had into this.

Kate wasn't a big fan of the hat at first.

Addie and Layton coaching Kate along.

Starting to figure it out

Tried to get a family photo, but both girls were focused on their desserts. :)

Series of cake photos...

Just about finished.  I finally just had to pull her away. Ha!

Right before being rinsed off.

Crawling like a monkey/spider man so the concrete didn't bother her knees

Love her cheesy grin here.

This is how Jeremy rinsed off Kate.  He just kept putting her through this little fountain.  She LOVED it.  So cute!

Pictures of some of our friends and family at the party.

Nathan and Ryan

Aunt Jen Jen (as Addie calls her) and Abigail

Aunt Carrie, Dylan and Dawson

John and Emery

Tracy and Alena

After Kate got cleaned up she then ate some more.  The girl can put away some food. :)

We tried to get a picture of Kate and Lainey together.  They are about 6 weeks apart.

Kate and "Honey"

Cousin Abigail (Kate and Abigail are about 9 months apart but they weigh the same...Abigail is super petite!)

Layton acting like Spider Man

Silly girl playing with my sunglasses

Opening a few gifts.  How appropriate...a monkey outfit.

Dawson sporting the mohawk

It was so great that the Callahans came down for the day.  They drove over 2 hours just to come to the party.  We loved that they came, but wished we had gotten to spend more time with them.

Trying to pose with Grammy and Grandpa

Can't believe he will be a 1st grader soon!

Billz, billz, billz!

And this is about all I saw of Addie the entire party.  She was playing the entire time.  She came back to sing to Kate and eat a cupcake and that was it.  At the end of the party she got upset that we had already opened presents because she wanted to help Kate.  She didn't understand that she was too busy playing. :)

Videos from the day.  The first are from the party and the last two are from when we got home right after baths.  Kate LOVES the birthday song and dances along to it.  She now tries to say "Happy Birthday". :)

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The Sabelhaus Boys said...

Happy birthday baby Kate! I'll try to mail your present this week!