Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kate is one!

Kate is one!  How did that happen?  I have really tried to soak in the small moments with Kate since she is our last baby (knock on wood...ha!).  Even with those sweet moments it is hard to believe it has been a year since she was born, but at the same time she completes our family so much that it feels like she has been here for a long time.

Here is some info on Kate Ellen:
  • At her year appt. Kate was 19 lbs. & 2.3 oz. (41%) and 29.5 in. (64%).  Although she is kinda petite she has some big thighs (that I squeeze a lot) and of course big cheeks (that I also squeeze a lot).  Kate is an eater!  She can put away food.  Her daycare teachers joke about it a lot.  One of her teachers also jokes because she is constantly moving (literally twisting or moving her feet and hands while she sits at the high chair) and says, "No wonder she eats so much because she never stops moving!" That trait I will attribute to her dad!  She is just now getting into some 12 month clothes and wears size 3 shoes (still a little big...small feet thanks to her mom).
  • Kate says a few words: uh-oh, mama, hi and dadda (and probably more, it is just hard to make out).  After loving the birthday song over her birthday weekend she now tries to say it.  It sounds like "Happa Bur...".  Too cute!
  • During the week of her birthday she started to take steps.  She takes more steps (as much as about 9 or so) with encouragement from us.  I am not encouraging it too much since she is into enough stuff now with crawling.  She is a super fast crawler!
  • Kate is a monkey!  She is into so much stuff.  She climbs on everything and likes to wrestle and tackle us.
  • She is such a lover!  And she really always has been.  She gives the best hugs and squeezes us when she first sees us.
  • Kate LOVES to dance!  Addie did too (and still does), but I think Kate tops her on this.  Kate was like that in my womb too.  It cracks us up!  As soon as she hears any type of music she starts bouncing, shaking her shoulders, shaking her hips, etc.  The other night she was wound up before bed so I was singing a lullaby to her before putting her down.  She was trying to shake her shoulders during the lullaby. Ha!
  • She loves to go on wagon rides and be outside.  Jeremy's dad and stepmom got her a swing to put on our tree next to Addie's and I know she will love it.
  • She is such a happy, laid-back girl.  She has had a couple of ear infections over the past few months and it has been hard to tell since she is so good.  We said similar stuff with Addie (although she always had a temper) and now she is a little more difficult to deal with. :)  We shall see with Kate.  Kate is learning temper tantrums, especially when we take something away that she wants.  This may not be good for the future.
  • If you can't already tell, but Kate has curly hair.  It is super curly in the back.  I love it!  And yes she looks A LOT like her sister.  I will post some pictures soon for comparison sake (although I know comparing isn't good). :)
  • Kate has already moved up to the toddler room at daycare.  That part is hard to believe.  Her teachers say she loves being with the bigger kids and doesn't like it when she goes back to the baby room sometimes. 
  • Kate and Addie have such a bond.  They love each other so much!  Kate lights up when Addie walks into the room.  And Addie can make Kate laugh so hard!  Of course at the same time Addie bugs Kate and I know this is just the beginning of that.  It is so sweet to see them together.  I love it!

Even squeezing/loving on the water bottle :)

You can see a little bit of the curls here.

She loves climbing on this small rocking chair...

Love this!  She loves to put away some Mexican food.

Sweet sisters lovin' each other...
I'll post some videos very soon of Kate walking...and may actually get caught up on some other summer photos.

Happy birthday, Kate Ellen!  You bring so much joy to our family!

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