Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First sister fight :)

I wanted to make a quick post so I can look back on this one...

I took Addie and Kate on a walk tonight and they rode in their wagon for a while.  Kate kept pulling Addie's hair.  Clearly Kate doesn't quite understand that pulling hair hurts!  Addie handled it well for a while, but Kate kept pulling it and pulled it hard.  Addie started to get upset and the conversation followed:

A: Mommy, I don't want our baby anymore!
Me: (trying not to laugh) What do you mean, Addison?  
A: But she keeps pulling my hair and it hurts!
Me: Well, honey, Kate is part of our family.  She is your sister.
A: Well, why can't we take her back to the hospital?

Ha!  I am sure it is just the beginning of sisterly fights in our house! 

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