Saturday, November 16, 2013

Butler 10 year reunion

The second weekend of October was my 10 year reunion at Butler at Homecoming. In some ways it feels like I graduated a couple of years ago, but then I think about everything that has changed since I graduated and realize it definitely has been 10 years.  It was great to see people I haven't seen in a long time and to get together with some my favorite ladies!

Friday night there was a 10 year reunion event at Moe & Johnny's AKA The Bulldog.

Saturday morning we first headed to our sorority house, Delta Gamma.  It was fun to meet some of the current DGs and to see all of the changes in the house.  DG did a major expansion and renovation project a couple years ago. 

On the front porch.

And in the front living room.  So many memories in this house!  

We walked around campus some to see what has changed and then ended up tailgating in the parking lot.  The football team wasn't very strong when we were in college (basketball was always a bigger deal) so there wasn't much tailgating when we there.  Now it has grown a lot.  It was a cool to see a lot of activity happening around football games now.

The Butler Bowl (football field) is right by the historical Hinkle Fieldhouse.  

Saturday evening we did a surprise baby shower for Ann Marie.  She is expecting little Emma in early 2014. 
I am forever thankful for my college experience!  I had such a wonderful experience at Butler for so many reasons and have some beautiful friends in my life that I met over 10 years ago there!
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