Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trick-or-Ice Cream

In mid-October we attempted to go to the Louisville zoo for their big annual Trick-or-Treating event.  We have gone for years and it is one of my favorites of the season.  We were planning on meeting friends there around 5:00.  We were running a little late and never made it.  The traffic was horrible!!!  It took us 15 minutes just to get off the exit and we still had several miles to go before even getting to the entrances of the zoo.  The girls were getting impatient so we figured out a Plan B.  We went right by my work on UofL's campus and went to get ice cream at Comfy Cow.  I gave the girls a choice (really Addie the choice since she understood) and she chose ice cream instead.  I was really disappointed not to get to the zoo, but it ended up being a fun evening.  Clearly, judging by the pictures, the girls weren't too disappointed either.


 And we got some Jimmy John's too.  


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