Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia #2

The first weekend in October we went to West Virginia to my aunt and uncle's lakehouse.  They have a quaint lakehouse on a quiet lake called Rock Lake.  It is outside of Fairmont (northern West Virginia) where my aunt and uncle live.  My other aunt and uncle (they currently live outside of Louisville) just bought a lakehouse there too because they loved it so much when they were visiting. We went two years ago and were excited to return.  David, Carrie and the boys went too because it was Dylan and Addie's fall break.  Lots of pictures below!

After about a 6 hour car ride, which included a car sick kid (if is not one it is the other...ugh!), we were happy to get there and get to catch up with family we don't get to see much. And of course we did that while enjoying some Yuengling.  It is our favorite and they don't sell it in Kentucky.

The next morning we woke up to this!  So pretty!  The leaves hadn't changed much yet, but it was still beautiful nonetheless. We had great weather most of the time we were there.

Kate and I played on the dock together early in the morning.  I love taking photos in the early morning light.

And the other kids soon followed.

Love this one!

Then we went exploring the grounds a bit.

Then it was time for some canoeing fun.  

The boys love Uncle Jer! 

Then paddleboat fun!

After lunch we played games while Kate napped and then eventually we went on a walk to the playground and beach area.

Kate loves to swing!                                                    

This slide is very high and goes straight into the lake. Dylan chickened out and walked back down.  Addie said she would do it, but didn't even get to the top before coming back down. Maybe next time! :)  There is also a big diving board that goes into the lake. Dylan did do that a few times.

It was a pretty warm weekend for early October. The kids found it warm enough to play at the beach and in the water even though the water was really cold!

Walking back to the house.  Beautiful scenery!

 Addie found a salamander on the walk back.  She is such a nature girl!

Jeremy smoked ribs and chicken for dinner.  Yum!  Afterwards we went back on the paddle boat and canoe. 

This is blurry, but had to get a picture of all the kids in the canoe with Dylan rowing in the front.  He is tough stuff!

After we put the kids to bed the adults had fun playing some board games.  My brother and cousin might be two of the most hilarious people I know!

The next morning we spent some time fishing.

Kate would not put down her little bowl of Corn Pops.  We joked that they were the secret to catching fish because she would cart them around everywhere and fish would start nibbling.

I think Jeremy might be in heaven here! :)

Evidence I went on the trip too.  Ha!

Lauren, Bill and their dog, Coach. Ah, the life!

Since we weren't haven't much luck catching fish with just lures the kids and Jeremy went on a hunt to find worms. That might have been Addie's favorite part of the trip.  She loves worms!

And off they went again.  Love this pic too!

Ta-da!  It worked!

Since I had just started  my new job I couldn't take any time off so I had to drive back on my own on Sunday evening. My mom wasn't able to come up until Sunday evening so we passed each other on the road.  The kids enjoyed going to the lake's library with Grammy, doing puzzles, playing games and enjoyed more time at the lake before Jeremy, David, Carrie and the kids came home on Tuesday.  

Thanks to the Pettys for another great trip in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!
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