Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bourbon Chase and crafting

Jeremy participated in the Bourbon Chase this year for the first time.  It is a 200 mile relay race along Kentucky's bourbon trail.  There are 12 people on each team and each runner runs three times.  Jeremy ran about 3:00 p.m. on Friday, 1:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning for a total of 18 miles.  Yeah, they were all crazy!  It got really cold at night and rainy on Saturday.  Unfortunately Jeremy's last leg was in the cold rain.  The race ended in Lexington so we went to cheer them on.  Since Jeremy was runner #6 he had already completed his running when the entire team finished, but all but 1 or 2 runners crossed the finish line together.  I am so proud of him for tackling such a big challenge!  Even through the running, lack of sleep (most of the runners say that is the hardest part) and lack of eating much over two days, he immediately said the next day he would do it again.  I take that as him really enjoying it.

Jeremy (in the green) finishing his last leg at Woodford Reserve and passing off his arm band to Chad. (I stole this pic from a team member.  We were not in this rain cheering him on.  Ha!)

Ryan (in the front) was the last runner on the team.  The rest of the team is with him getting ready to cross the finish line.

So cold cheering on the Beargrass team!

Ryan and John and their cheering section at the finish line.

Family photo after the finish line.  Addie is wearing Jeremy's medal.  It was hard work for her! :)

The following weekend Jeremy went on his annual guys' camping trip.  So a few of us got our kids together for dinner and crafts.  

Sweet photos of Kate, Emery and Ella (Terrianne's kids).


The kids loved painting pumpkins.

Kate did manage to get paint on her actual pumpkin not just on herself and the table. :)
I also spent some time at the Pretty Accessories Salon.  Looks good, huh?
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