Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday party in Indy

Two weekends ago we went to Indy. We got to spend some quality time with Tara, Brad and their boys on Friday night and Sat. morning before we headed over on Sat. afternoon for the triplets' birthday party. It is hard to believe they are two...and happy and healthy as ever after everything they went through when they were born! It was sooo great to spend time with some of our best friends. We hate that we don't live in the same city as them, but we savor every moment when we do see them. The last time we were all together was February!

The theme of the birthday party was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! This is Addie's favorite cartoon so I know she enjoyed it!

The triplets with their adorable Mickey cake

Brandon and Garrett sporting their ears

How manly!

Cheesin' with some black icing all over her teeth

Yelling out of the house

Uh oh, she's alone in a house with two boys! :)

The next morning Bryan and Jeremy played golf and we took the kids to a park. When the kids went on the big playground we both had to chase the kids around and make sure all four kids were taken care of and not getting into something they shouldn't. I still don't know how Ashley and Bryan do it! Incredible!

Swinging with Harry...He is soooo laid back!

Going down the slide with Olivia

Tara, Ashley, Brooke--I miss you all already!!!

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Bryan and Ashley said...

We miss you guys tons too!!!! It was soooo great to visit with you and Jeremy and Addie and it meant so much to have you guys there to celebrate such a special day for us. Hope to see you soon:-D