Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Florida vacation...part 1

Wow, what a trip! We went to Destin with Jeremy's dad's side of the family...well, everyone except Anthony, unfortunately, he had to work. Jenny and Layton decided to come down without him the day before we left. Jeremy's dad gets the condo for a week through his work. Nice perk! The condo was beautiful and right on the beach. There were 13 people total in the condo. We had a wonderful trip, but feel like after a trip like this we need a vacation to recover! Enjoy ALL of the pictures! I had to break it up since there are so many. (Jenny has a a fabulous camera so I have her pictures and ours on here.)

On the ride down. Yes, we had three adults and two kids in one car for a 10.5 hour trip. Don't be jealous! Ha! It wasn't the comfiest ride, but the kids did pretty well. We got there about 3 a.m. and did the same on the way back. We were definitely tired from the traveling! We had many things to occupy them. Luckily Addie watched the DVD player. Here they are with their travel pillows...

Cousins on the beach

I think these sunglasses make her look like Elton John! Ha!

Can you tell they love each other?

We didn't bring a lot of toys down except for beach toys so this was Addie's (and Layton's and Kami's) source of entertainment inside...

One evening on the beach...

A tarball. So sad. Yes, we saw tarballs and oil. We joked and said, "Look, a tarball!" and then we realized it really was one. There ended up being lots on the beach that night. Maybe it was because of all of the algae and the storm the week before. We called and reported it and the rest of the week we never saw anymore evidence just people walking around surveying the beach. It wasn't an overwhelming amount and we still played in the ocean and on the beach after that night. It made the oil spill sink in even more and made us all so sad/frustrated!

This is a metal sign and all of the black on it was oil/tar.

Oil on Jeremy's toe that he cleaned off.


Layton wasn't feeling well and fell asleep
The next day Addie came down with a slight bug. She was tired, had a fever and no appetite. She feel asleep on me and then laid on the towel like this. I tried to get her to go inside, but she didn't want to miss out on the action. She gets that from her mom! She asked for her bucket so I laid it right next to her and about 10 minutes later she had enough energy to start playing with it. So sad! Unfortunately the next day I came down with the same type of thing. It wasn't awful, but it isn't fun not being 100% while on vacation! NOTHING compares to how sick Addie was last summer when we were in Florida so we aren't complaining!

Mamaw bought Addie this outfit, including the tutu. Here she is posing. It was funny seeing her run around the beach with a tutu on.

Handsome boy!

So silly...laying in the water

Enjoying snacks by the pool

We went to Destin Commons, an outdoor upscale mall. They had a kids' area with water fountains and slides and such. The kids had a great time, but Layton I think would have preferred to be there than at the beach or the pool anyday! He loved it!

We were able to get a parents' night out...thanks to Papaw and Mamaw! Tiffany, Dave, Jenny, Jeremy and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Boathouse. That night a nearby resort had fireworks. We then raced go-karts after dinner. It was fun and was a nice break!

More pics in other post!!!

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