Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ricky Bobby

I wanted to blog about this so I don't forget this years from now. Addie is into "Baby Jesus". She learned about Baby Jesus at Christmas and I guess it stuck. During Easter she still talked about Baby Jesus as we read the book "What is Easter?". It talks about the reason behind Easter although it of course does not mention Jesus as a baby. She still calls it the "Baby Jesus" book and it is still one of her absolute favorite books and she has lots of the words memorized. Her favorite song is "Baby Jesus" which is actually "Jesus Loves Me". When we ask her who she is thankful for her first response is "Baby Jesus". When we pray at night she sometimes says "Baby Jesus" in her prayers.

There is no better person for her to talk about, but the fact that Jesus is always a baby cracks us up because it reminds us of Ricky Bobby in the Will Ferrell movie. Maybe one day she'll start talking about "8 lb. 12 oz. Baby Jesus".

Have a great weekend! Stay cool...if that is even possible! Soooo over this heat! I'll update soon with pics.

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Greg and Vanessa said...

oh that is hilarious! ricky bobby is one of my favorite movies (yes, i call it ricky bobby; not talladega nights, lol).