Wednesday, August 25, 2010

weekend update

Here's an update from a couple of weekends ago...

Our girl has SUCH sensitive skin! One morning she woke up and her eye was practically swollen shut because of a mosquito bite (see below). Earlier that week she got bit so bad on her ankle that her entire foot was swollen and we could hardly put her shoe on. I hope this gets better with age! Poor thing!

Does this scream GIRL or what? Purple shirt, pink tutu and pink headband! I got Addie a headband to get her hair out of her face for church or whenever she is dressed up. I had never put her in one, I know, crazy! She has done pretty well with keeping it on her head so I am gonna have to get more! Love it!

On Friday night Jeremy and I went on a date since we didn't get to on our anniversary! We went to dinner and then a movie. It had been a year and a half since we had gone to a movie. Pathetic! We picked a good one and saw "Inception".

I met Jenny and Layton at All About Kids that Saturday morning. It has many things for kids, including a bounce area and jungle gyms and such. They both loved it! Since it was our first time it was free! Not bad for a HOT August day!

That evening we went to St. Joe's Catholic Picnic. Great fish sandwiches, games and good times!

Double fisting cream in her hand and taking a drink from Mamaw's shake

Addie won an apron at one of the kids' games. She's so proud!

That Sunday we went to a birthday party for Jeremy's cousin's that? Here are almost all of the younger kids that were there.

What a day! Pizza, juice box, pool, bounce house, pinata and cake!

Needless to say, Addie had a blast!

The birthday girl, Brooke


The Hughes Family said...

Addison is simply a doll!

Anonymous said...

Addie is seriously adorable. Even with a swollen eye she is so dang cute. Quite the little girl on your hands!

See you soon!