Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Florida Vacation...Part 2

Continued...Part 1 in previous post

We went and played putt-putt one night and then rode rides. Addie and Layton only lasted 4 holes, but they looked cute doing it! Ha!

Check out that swing! :)

It looks like Layton is checking on the line of his ball...Ha!

Riding the train

Then the merry-go-round

Then the airplanes...(LOVE this pic!)

Addie had to ride the airplanes by herself. We explained that we couldn't go with her and she said, "Ok. I'm fine," and then she stepped right into it and rode it up in the air. Her face was a little unsure when it went high at first (see below), but she was such a big girl riding it. It definitely hit me that this "baby" is growing up!

Sporting cool shades with Kameryn...

Dinner at the Back Porch. Love this picture of the three of them in pink!

Family pictures after dinner on the beach

4 1/2 grandchildren :)

Entire family photo...we'll have to crop in Anthony :) It was so windy!

Dix family

So sweet!

Playing on the playground after dinner

The last night on the beach. Addie in her tutu that Mamaw gave her.

I love this face!

Tiffany picked up this dead fish pretending to have caught it. It was pretty funny. The kids were pretty curious about it.

Love this pic!

Showing off her cup of collected seashells

Sleepy Layton

Sleepy Addie

I'll try to post some videos later. I'm spent after all of those pictures. As you can see, it was a great trip! Addie is still talking about the beach and Florida!

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