Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas #1

We have marathon Christmases due to different family functions (I'm sure other people can relate).  We had Jeremy's dad's Christmas a couple weekends before Christmas since Tiffany, Dave and the girls were going to be in town. The cousins love to spend time together.

We had dinner and then watched a bit of a movie while we waited for Anthony to get off work.

All the presents before unwrapping.

Don't let this picture mislead you.  Every once in a while she acts like an angel. :) Annette likes to have different hats and such for everyone to wear.

 Family photo time.

Love Kate's face here


This photo cracks me up.  Studying the toy catalog.
  Papaw likes to read "The Night Before Christmas" before opening presents.

Kate getting the good stuff out of her stocking. :)

I think Abigail's favorite present was Skittles from her stocking.

Kate loves jewelry.

Everyone checking out their stockings.

Kameryn LOVES One Direction.  

 Aunt Tiffany made these for the girls: Kate, Abigail and Addie.  Too cute!

If you asked Addie what she wanted for Christmas it would constantly change (typical for her age I suppose). The one thing Addie said for over a week was mini bunk beds with little babies.  She saw it in a toy catalog and told Mamaw.  She was sooo excited to get them.  We told her there was no reason for Santa to come because she already got what she wanted.  Yeah right!

Thanks Mamaw and Papaw!  You love to spoil us.
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