Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas #3

The Sunday before Christmas we went over to Betty (Jeremy's mom) and Randy's house to celebrate Christmas.  My parents watched Kate for us since she still had some symptoms and we knew little ones would be there too (Randy's daughter's son is 11 months).  They had been around Kate the day before she was diagnosed so they figured they were already exposed to the flu.  (Thankfully no one did get it!) 

This was Kate that morning (taken with Jeremy's iphone).  She brought me her hat and sweater to put on her.  I think she was ready to get outside instead of being cooped up inside. :)

At Betty and Randy's we had dinner and then let the kids open presents. 

Addie was excited to get a V-Tech laptop.  She really likes to play with it at home.

And then the adults did the annual Dirty Santa/White Elephant gift exchange.  Jeremy opened this lovely tree that had ornaments for every holiday throughout the year.

That was stolen from him and he managed to grab another gift that Justin and Cristina brought...another lovely Christmas decoration.  He's cracking up here. :)

Cristina and her llama?  Or is it an alpaca?  :)  Justin and Cristina are expecting baby girl in the spring.  We're excited!

We decided to play a joke on Betty and hid all of the ugly gifts we got throughout her house.  She found them all that night and the next day.  It was a fun evening.
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