Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

Kate was feeling much better by Christmas Eve and no longer had a fever so we were very happy to go to church together and to Jeremy's aunt's house.  I was so disappointed when she was first diagnosed because I thought we wouldn't be able to do any Christmas Eve festivities.  We usually go to Leigh's mom's house for an open house on Christmas Eve, but didn't want to risk it with Reb being very little so we didn't go.  We did sit next to them at church.  I didn't even touch Reb just in case I had germs on me.  It was so hard not to love on her!

Sarah and Kate after the service.

The Turner family.  Love!

Our family after the service.  My favorite part of Christmas that brings everything into perspective is singing "Silent Night" by candlelight.  We had the girls with us during the song for the end of the service.  Addie loved singing along and Kate was fascinated by the candles.  It is a perfect way to celebrate the Christ child.

Right after the service we went to Jeremy's Aunt Patti's house.  She loves children and is always planning fun things for them.  She had all of the kids sit down and talked to them about Santa coming that night.

She cut up apples for the reindeer.

And then we all went outside to throw the reindeer food in the yard. 

At that point Aunt Patti thought she saw and heard Santa's reindeer.  (Video to come.)

And within minutes Santa (Jeremy's cousin Brad this year...hee hee) made an appearance and had a small gift for each child.  Love this picture.

And this one too. :)

Santa also brought some presents for some of the adults, although some of them are inappropriate to post on the blog thanks to Jenny and Jen.  Ha!

All of the young kids draw names for a gift exchange.  Kate got a doll.

Addie got a different gift, but had fun playing with the whoopie cushion. :)

Kate with Papaw.

We then came home, read books, put cookies, milk & carrots out and put the kids to bed so Santa to could come.  And then mom and dad stayed up late getting things ready for Christmas morning/day. 
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