Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas festivities

Our daycare had a Christmas party in mid-December.  They actually rented a space in our church since it is right down the road.  Miss Addie felt she could boss people around since it was her stomping ground. Geez.  It was a fun evening, but very hectic and loud!

Kate was such the social butterfly!  She hugged all of her friends as soon as she saw them, which was pretty funny considering she had been with them all day long already.  Kate then just went around to whatever adult she could find to hold her.  She knew no stranger that day.

The older kids sang a few song at the beginning.

They hired some entertainment to occupy the kids for a while.

They played some music and this just spontaneously happened.  Kate and two of her friends grabbed hands and started going around in circles.  It was too cute!

Santa came for a visit!  The kids about tackled him when he first arrived.

You think Kate was a fan? :)

The kids drew names and exchanged gifts.  Kate playing with her new cow.

I have some cute videos to post, but since I had to change a few things around on the blog I can't figure out how to get them up.  Hopefully I can post them soon because you need to see Kate shake her hips! :)

Beargrass had a Breakfast with Santa for the first time.  It was actually a fundraiser for our youth mission trips.  The youth served all the food and were the hosts all morning.  We even won a door prize for bringin canned goods.  It was a gift certificate to Simply Thai!  Yummy!    

My cousin Steven runs the children's ministry at our church.  At every event he always has a great costume!

My parents and the Wilde crew came with us.  Great cousin photos here!  Kate still not a fan of Santa.

Some of these photos are by a church member (Meg Blackwell) at  She was taking the pictures that morning.  She snapped this sweet one.  Kate calmed down a bit when she saw Addie talking to Santa.

And sweet little Reb "sat" on Santa's lap.
It was a fun morning and great way to raise money for the youth! 

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