Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas pageant and Christmas #2

Still working through many Christmas posts.

Our "niece" got dedicated at Beargrass in mid-December.  Here is Leigh, her mom and baby Reb.  Love this photo.

 Leigh, Terrianne and I grew up together at church.  Now our little ones are growing up together.  4 kiddos and one on the way!

Reb was perfect during the dedication part.  So sweet!

 It was also the annual children's Christmas pageant that morning.  Addie was a star again.  No really, she was literally a star. :)

And this is our oldest being silly.  Hanging out under a chair in the foyer.

The weekend before Christmas Kate tested positive for the flu.  Needless to say it was a rough few days.  A lot of our plans changed and she definitely felt crummy off and on for several days.  Thankfully she rallied by Christmas Eve.  My mom said, "It won't be the last time you have a kid sick during the holidays. I spent many days at the doctor's office or immediate care on holidays with you kids."  Hopefully they are few and far between because it was no fun. 

The day Kate started coming down with symptoms the kids went over to Grammy and Grandpa's house to make gingerbread cookies.  Kate didn't touch any of these cookies. :)

The Saturday before Christmas my aunt and uncle came in town from West Virginia for the day.  Unfortunately my cousin Bill and his wife weren't able to make the trip this year.  Jeremy stayed back with Kate while Addie and I headed over to David and Carrie's house.  

My Uncle Phil and Aunt Cathy like to get lots of "fun" gifts for the kids like this princess tent...

And head flashlights...

Jeremy was actually excited that Addie got one of these because he uses one camping and fishing. :)

She's got the innocent face down, doesn't she?

The boys  playing with some new legos.

The kids were running out with their new flashlights with the lights off upstairs.  It looked like police were attacking.  Ha!

It was a fun night spending time with family we don't see often, although it was a little different with some family members missing.

More to come...
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