Sunday, October 14, 2012

August in a post

Yep, I'm updating August photos in mid-October. Better late than never is mentality right now. So here is the month of August and early September in one post.

Addie took swim lessons in late July.  It really helped her confidence, but she still has a little ways to go.  She met a new friend there.  Her name was Kate and they had matching bathing suits. :)

Jeremy and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on August 7th.  I didn't get to do a separate post about it.  Hard to believe it has been 8 years.  We took a weekend getaway trip to Nashville.  It was awesome (and seems FOREVER ago...wanna go again?)!  Nashville is a great city for a weekend away.  We had dinner, had drinks (Yuengling, of course), walked around downtown, shot pool in a pool hall/bar on Honky Tonk Row, slept in, went to Franklin & Leiper's Fork (two of the cutest towns outside of Nashville), met up with friends for dinner and most importantly, enjoyed time together as a couple!  Now with a second kid and busy work schedules, especially Jeremy's workload, things can get very stressful and busy.  It was so nice to spend time with each other, talk and enjoy meals kiddo free!  Love you, babe.  To many years to come!

It was beautiful weather that weekend!  We sat on the patio for dinner one night downtown. You can barely see "The Batman" building in the back.

Jeremy was so excited to see the General Lee when we were in Leiper's Fork!

When we got back from our trip we headed out to Jenny and Anthony's house.  The kids had fun fishing, but I think Jeremy had the most fun! :)

Had to take a picture of this! Ha!

Two houses down from their house is a small farm with some horses.  The horses are so sweet!  It was the first time Kate had been close to a horse.  She was a little scared at first.

Love this photo of Abigail

A couple of pics from an evening at a park...

Had to get a picture of the monkey butt. :)

A night of s'mores with the Wildes.  Kate likes to snack on the graham crackers.

We went down to Lake Cumberland for Labor Day Weekend.  Unfortunately it rained a lot, but we still had fun.  We also watched the UK/UofL football game.  Kate's cheering on the Cards (like her mom!).

It is rare for Layton to wear regular clothes. :)

They caught a turtle and named him "Shelly".

Addie started soccer with the Northeast YMCA.  I am so excited since I played soccer from age 5 until I graduated high school.  She is still trying to get hang of it and understand some of the basic concepts.  She practices once a week and has games once a week until the end of Oct.  One of the last games Addie was around about 8 other kids and the ball was right by her and she said, "Coach Mark, watch this!" and proceeded to do a cartwheel instead of trying to get the ball.  Ha!  She is having fun and laughs a lot, so that is all that matters.  Plus, she runs a lot and it helps wear her out at night!  :)  Go Thunderbolts!

Kate got a swing from Mamaw and Papaw (Annette and John) for her birthday.  She loves it!  Whenever we are outside she wants to swing.

And Addie still loves her tree swing!

Ok, on to fall pics soon.  Have a great week!

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