Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last day at the beach

We spent our last day at the beach. It was absolutely beautiful!  The water was really calm and created a little tidal pool so the girls played in it most of the day.  The temperature was great, there was low humidity and a slight breeze.  We spent a couple of hours outside, but I know I could have spent all day there!  Jeremy and Addie starting make a sand castle, but it ended up just being mostly Jeremy.  :)  And of course Kate bulldozed right through it.

That night Jeremy's aunts watched the girls so we could go on a date.  It was so nice of Patti and Vicki and we appreciated a night out.  We had dinner and walked around the harbor.  There was a plane show right when we got to the restaurant.  It was a nice night! 

We headed back early Saturday morning.  We were sad to see the week end, but knew it was a great trip full of awesome family memories!  We were happy to be home and get the drive over with.  Whew, 11 hours is about all I can take in one day with two little ones in the car. :)

Enjoy some remaining videos of the rest of the trip.

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