Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall zoo trip

The morning after we got back from Florida Jeremy said, "Let's just be lazy."  And I said, "I am all for that, but we also have to entertain two kids all day."  :)  So then he said, "It is so nice out.  Let's just go to the zoo."  Totally not what I thought he would say.  We were in denial about going back to work the next day.  We packed a lunch and went for a few hours.  Kelly came with us too.  It was beautiful out and the animals were enjoying themselves. It was a nice family day!

The female lion did some intense roaring on top of a rock.  I had never heard something like that before. 

Here is Addie's roar!

Kate loved petting the goats.  She loves animals!

Kelly has a picture of this from last year as a comparison.  Lately I have been realizing how big she has gotten and it is hitting me that she'll be in Kindergarten next year!  Crazy!  Last year her head was much lower on this picture.

Both girls together. :)

The orangutangs are probably my favorite at the zoo.  Kate was not a fan!

Aww. Sweet picture.

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