Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We have several large trees in our yard and we enjoy playing in the leaves each fall.  This was a first for Kate.  She wasn't a big fan at first (see pics below), but she warmed up to it after a couple of days.  Addie had fun jumping in the leaves again this year.  Enjoy the pics!

This was right before Addie pushed Kate into the leaves.  Addie thought she was being helpful by throwing her in the leaves, but instead Kate just laid in the leaves face first crying.  No wonder Kate wasn't a big fan of the leaves at first. :)

Addie wanted to put a leaf in Kate's ear like a flower

Sadie likes the leaves too.  She is old and isn't very active now, but she still enjoys being outside with us.

Right before a storm came in...

Love this one!  Love Kate's curls. :)  I need to play more with my 50 mm lens.  It takes such great pics.


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