Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin patch fun!

October is one of my favorite months! The weather is beautiful, the trees are gorgeous, outdoor family activities planned and the list goes on and on (which of course would include pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice lattes).  I have so many pictures to post from the past month.  Here's the first of many to come.

In early October we went to Deere Farms in Southern Indiana with my parents and brother's family.  It was a little chilly, but the kids still had a blast!  I always love going to the pumpkin patch and look forward to continue to make this a family tradition.

Check out Kate's little ponytail.  :) 

Kate really wants to be as big as her sister all of the time.  She had to go down the slide.

They had a wagon full of corn to play in.  This occupied the kids for a while.

Kate just wanted to eat it.  Ha!


We then headed to a corn maze.  It was really cute!  They had a story about Spookly the square pumpkin along the way.  There were several different types of corn mazes.  The hardest one had a number to call if one were to get lost. Yikes! We stuck to the family-friendly one. :)

Dylan did a great job reading the pages along the way.

Kate found a golfball and held onto it for a long time.

We then did a hayride out to more animals and the pumpkin patch.


They had a pig race and it was so funny! 

Kate LOVED the pig race!  She kept pointing and babbling to the pigs.

Headed to the patch...

Kate once again trying to be bigger than she is.  She tried hard to pick up this pumpkin.

She picked up this ghord, about half the size of her, and was attached to it.  She would hardly put it down.

At this point Kate was over the farm and the cold. :)

And we tried to get a photo with the two girls together.  Neither would cooperate for one photo.  What else is new?  I guess this is why I need to get a photo editing software. :)  Here are a few attempts...

And a final one with Grammy and Grandpa!  And it turned out pretty good.  Hooray!

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The Hughes Family said...

That farm looks great! What a fun, fall day!