Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 5: creating a go-cart monster

Wednesday was Annette's birthday. Heck of a way to spend a birthday if you ask me.  At the beach on vacation with family. :)  We went shopping at the outlet mall for a bit then went to the pool after naps.  We headed to The Back Porch for dinner (a popular restaurant on the beach) followed by hitting up the adventure center (go-carts, games, etc.).  It was a great day!

The girls sitting in the giant chair.  Does Addie know how to pose or what?

The birthday gal and her hubby :)

Playing on the playground after dinner.

Waiting in line for the go-carts.

Addison was just tall enough to ride all of the big kid rides.  She got to experience her first go-cart ride and she LOVED it!  We may have created a monster. :)  Here she is getting ready to go with Jeremy.  She looks a little hesitant here.  I stayed back with Kate while everyone raced.  As soon as they were finished and Addie's feet touched the ground she started squealing and jumping up and down because she loved it so much.  I wish I had it on camera.  It was priceless and a moment I hope I never forget! 

Vicki and Patti getting ready to race.  These two aunts are a blast and can be wild!

It was really hard getting my camera to work while they go-carted.  This is still a funny picture though.

After the go-carts Jeremy's aunts took Kate back to the condo to put her to bed while the rest of us stayed to play.  It was really nice of them.  Addie rode several kid rides after the go-cart.  It was funny because a couple times while she was riding the kid rides she had this look like "Really?  This is it?" since she had just experienced go-carting.


 .Jeremy and Addie then went on the water boats.  They kept trying to get John, Annette and I wet.  Addie laughed non-stop.  Once again the setting was a little off, but still a funny pic.

We then headed over to the faster wooden go-cart track.  This time I got to drive with Addie.  Addie squealed while we were going in circles and going down hills.  We were the first in line so we were in the lead in the beginning.  Annette and Jeremy passed us in their single go-carts.  Immediately Addie was saying, "Don't let them beat us!  We need to win!"  I think we have a little competitor on our hands.  Not for sure where she gets that from. :)  It was such a fun night!

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