Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dinner by the beach

Trying to continue to blog from our Florida trip knowing there is so many other things to blog about from the summer...and so I move forward step by step... :)

We went to "The Crab Trap" for dinner on Tuesday evening.  It is very close to our condo and right on the beach.  After a lovely dinner (oh wait, I forgot I had to deal with a 4-year-old meltdown over the "fish fingers" not being "fish sticks") we went out to play on the beach, on the playground and take some pictures.  We got one picture of the entire group, but I didn't get it on my camera.

Jeremy eating some oysters

Both of us eating oysters.  It's funny because I used to be a very picky eater and weird about food textures, but yet I manage to eat raw oysters now. :)

I love this photo on the beach!

It's hard to get a picture of the two girls together.

What a goose!

Love Kate's expression here!

And look mom friends, a picture with my youngest and me!  (There was a great article/post recently in the Huffington Post about moms not being in pictures enough with their little ones.)

Too bad this is a little blurry.  Kate likes to be thrown in the air.

Right before we left to go back to the condo I took this photo.  Awww...I love God's creation!


Resorts in Boracay said...

Baby is so cute! It's very nice having fun at the beach and also food trip is so nice with families.

Mary Beth said...

Love the beach photo of the 4 of you. And I did notice that you were in some of the photos with your girls. I read that article too. Glad you were able to get some photos of you and the girls together, and able to document them as well.