Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 6: sprayground and crab hunting

On Thursday Jeremy, John and Jeff (the guys) played golf so I had the girls on my own.  I wasn't going to attempt the beach and the ocean on my own so we headed to the pool in the morning.  But not before I found Kate like this.  Have I mentioned that Kate gets into everything? :)

After naps I took the girls up to Destin Commons.  It is an outdoor shopping area that also has a little sprayground.  Kate loved it since she hadn't been to one of these since she had started walking. 

That night Addie and Jeremy headed to the beach to go crab hunting.  I stayed back with Kate at the condo while the rest of the group was at dinner.  Jeremy said Addie had no fear of the little crabs and immediately started to try to grab them.  They started out using a net, but eventually just used their hands.  Addie can be SO girly sometimes, but she also has a total different side to her when she can do things like this and loves it.

Checking out their crabs.  They brought up nine total from the beach and Addie had to show us how many she caught.

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