Monday, October 22, 2012

Celebrating a mama to be

Leigh and Chad are expecting their baby girl in a matter of weeks on Nov. 10.  To say I am excited about this is an understatement.  The other day I was sitting at work and all of the sudden just got so antsy and excited thinking about their baby girl!  She is loved by so many already! I called Leigh and told her that I actually got off work on her due date (I usually work the first three Saturdays in November) so she is cleared to go ahead and have the baby then.  Ha!

Terrianne and I hosted a baby shower for her at church.  Allison helped with some great food.  It was such a great celebration of a wonderful couple and beautiful baby-to-be.

We had a colorful theme with polka dots and stripes.  I made the cake pops and guess who made the cake pop stands?  Gotta love a handy husband.  Not only handy, but a perfectionist.  These had to be made out of nice wood, a certain size and smooth. :)

Love this photo.  Leigh's mom gave her something framed that used to hang in their house.

A gown for baby's dedication.

Leigh with her mom (and my second mom...hee hee)

Love these ladies!

The hostesses with the new momma

Love it!
Lately I have been doing a monthly craft night at our house with some friends.  Terrianne and I made this banner and the tissue paper pom poms.  Yay for wine and craft night! :)

Baby T, your Aunt Laura can't wait to meet you!!!!!  And I know a certain 4-year-old that is so excited to finally have you "pop" out!

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Chad and Leigh said...

Oh my! Baby T can't wait to be snuggled by a few girls that live in your house...including you, Aunt Laura!